Using an online printing service provides more benefits when compared to smaller local printing companies, and, at least in the event of a printing setback, can sometimes be purchased at a lower cost. Printing and other services using online printing services may have benefits, but these services do require some training. Printing on-line, including using […]

Many customer service training programs forget to teach the basics: kindness, empathy, positivity and courtesy. Most importantly, they forget to explain how their customers are different from the people who run the businesses they’re working for. People who work in customer service need to understand and relate to the customers who come through their door. […]

The growth of online shopping is simply impressive. What did it take for it to catch on? Why are the consumer preferences so different? How can you take advantage of this massive market? And what will be the effects of a consumer preference for virtual products versus physical products, especially if they are distributed over […]