Why You? Why Electronics?

Sometime last February (2015), it dawned on me.

I had just helped an artist friend edit and compress images of the paintings she was submitting for a grant proposal. The day previous I had been helping my folks understand how to print from their Android phone to the new wireless printer they'd just purchased. Later, I stopped to consider the possibilities offered via two of my vocational strengths: interest in/facility with tech, and a propensity for teaching.

I hit on the idea of Go-To-Geek! I opened virtual doors on St. Patrick's Day, 2015.

I've played with electronics since the mid-70s (my first digital clock radio, which I hacked in order to pick up cable radio transmissions from LA; the ham radio station I built in my bedroom when I was thirteen). I tinkered with early, pre-personal computers in grade school (my buddy's Radio Shack TRS-80), with the first IBM PCs in college, and with the Apple IIe and Macintosh Plus once graduated. Command-line computing (MS-DOS, UNIX, and the like) slowly morphed into GUI computing, and I became facile in later versions of MacOS and Windows. I learned the ins and outs of desktop production working for a digital typesetting house that provided files for the MIT Press; that led to a contract gig providing project management and coding for an early (prehistoric?) award-winning remedial math resource website for middle school teachers.

A couple of VCRs, one video camera, a handful of laptops (including one that boots into Ubuntu Linux), one marriage, three kids, a dog, a cat, eleven relocations, a Motorola Flip Phone, one iPod, three iPhones, and a couple of decades of coaching and teaching (my other vocation) around the country have led me back to the base of Mt. Tom and to the recent conviction that I can/need to help folks get the best of their consumer electronics (not the other way around!).

What can I do for you?


The kids and I playing in the Buttermilks last winter...