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Eastern Sierra Electronics Help


Go-To-Geek!/gordonthegeek.com, based in Bishop, California, provides help-desk services for computer, tablet, mobile phone, and miscellaneous electronic device users in the Eastern Sierra Nevada. If you've got a question about something you plug in or connect wirelessly to, if you're having problems figuring out your software, or even if you're still challenged by programming your TV equipment (don't worry; we maintain the strictest confidence!), we aim to get you moving again.

Detail your problem/concern here, or get hold of us by mobile phone, (425) 298-7740. We'll get back to you inside of a day to see if we can't help replace that family-alienating foul language with smiles all around.

Example Projects

ready ios
ready tux

  1. OS/Software/App Familiarization/Training
  2. OS/Software Upgrades
  3. Virus/Malware Assistance
  4. Getting Devices Online
  5. Skype/FaceTime Setup
  6. System Optimization and Cleanup
  7. Website/Blog (CMS) Execution/Assistance
  8. Wireless/Connectivity Challenges
  9. Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  10. Pre-purchase Advice/Consultation
  11. Elementary Social Media Use/Strategizing